Clients should always research the risks before getting a tattoo.  People with certain health conditions should consult their doctor before getting a tattoo.

Health contraindications: Tattoos may be a health risk for people with certain health conditions, including (but not limited to):  skin disorders, congenital heart disease, immunosuppressive diseases and treatments, blood disorders, epilepsy, hepatitis, fainting, and hypertension.

Pain: The process of getting a tattoo involves temporary pain and inflammation. The tattoo artist will do their best to make the experience as comfortable as possible.  Client's can request to use numbing cream as an add-on purchase to their tattoo.  If requested, the cream can be applied 20-30 minutes before inking begins. Some people do not like the sensation of numbing cream, so it is a personal choice.

Client’s rights: The client may request to stop the session at any time for breaks. The client may also request to stop the session and resume the tattoo on another day (please be aware that resuming on a different day may result in additional costs).

No alcohol, blood thinners: Clients agree not to drink any alcohol or take any blood thinners (such as aspirin) before their session. They also agree not to arrive under the influence of any substances.

Food:  Clients should eat and hydrate well on the day of their inking.  This will ensure they are comfortable during the session, and will reduce the risk of lightheadedness.

After the Tattoo: Clients should follow the tattoo artist's after-care instructions. These will be given to the client after the session.


- I declare and affirm that I am of legal age, and I am choosing to get a tattoo of my own free will.

- I declare that I will not arrive to my tattoo appointment inebriated from alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

- I have read the above information, and I have told the tattoo artist about any and all health concerns and contraindications that I have.  I release the tattoo artist from fault or liability should any complication occur during or after my tattoo session.

I have read and acknowledge this information: